choosebyfelice finds it important that the processing of your personal information happens in a manner consistent with the existing safeguards for the protection of your privacy. However, in order to access the closed part of our website, it is necessary for you to enter your details so that we can offer you the best possible service. At the moment you enter these details on our website, you automatically agree to our privacy policy. We, therefore, request you to read the information below carefully. 
Privacy Policy
We strive to align our product range and service with your specific needs as best we can. The more information we optain, the easier this becomes. That is why we occasionally request your details. When collecting information through our website, choosebyfelice applies a strict privacy policy in accordance with the renewed Dutch legislation in this field. Our website may contain hyperlinks to pages that are not part of our own website. choosebyfelice is not responsible for the privacy policies of these external sites.
Which personal details do we collect/use from our customers? 
• First and last name
• Company name (if relevant) 
• Address information 
• Telephone number
• Email address 
• IP address
• Bank details 
The following details can be saved when you use our website: 
• Your browser type
• Internet service provider 
• The device from which you are visiting the website 
• The site of origin (source) 
• Clicking behavior on our website
Login details
If you have previously placed an order and created an account in the process, we have not saved the password. After logging in, your previously saved personal details will be visible. You may always change this information.
What does choosebyfelice do with your details?
Your entered details serve the purpose of identifying you and granting you access to the closed part of our website. These specifics are used to adjust the information offered to you on our site, to create a better fit with your specific needs and to be able to contact you directly. In all cases that arise, choosebyfelice only processes the necessary details. Whether it concerns matters such as the execution of a marketing campaign or fraud prevention, we ensure that the details that are used for each type of processing are accurate, adequate, relevant and not excessive. Furthermore, as stated before, all processing is done properly, carefully and in accordance with the law. 
Storage and use of your details
In order to recognize you during your visit to the choosebyfelice website, we use cookies. These are small files that are sent to the customer’s browser and are stored on the customer’s PC. In addition, we use cookies to collect information about how our website is visited. Our software is designed in such a way that cookies cannot be used for other purposes. The information that you provide in this way shall only be used by us in its anonymized form. At any time you can change the cookie settings in your browser. Please note that it is possible that our website does not operate/navigate optimally when cookies are disabled.
Changing your details
We would like to point out that you can change your personal details online at any time. Here you can also indicate whether you still want to be approached by choosebyfelice with information about our products and services. 
choosebyfelice reserves the right to change this privacy statement. Updates will be published on this page.
Social media 
If you follow us on one of our social media, we can view some of your personal details (name, profile photo, friends list, and other public information). If you do not want us to view this information, you can change your privacy settings on your own social media account. 
In addition, it is possible that you encounter our advertisements on social media. This occurs when you previously visited our website. We have no direct control over this. 
We regularly send news updates by email to inform our customers of developments. You will only receive newsletters if you have subscribed to them yourself. Every newsletter features a link at the bottom that you can click to unsubscribe. We send our newsletters through MailChimp, where only your name and email address are stored. 
To process your order we need the following details: name, email address, delivery address and bank details. These details will be saved to process the order correctly and efficiently. In addition, the details are saved in case of returns, warranty and other elements of service. In order to process your order, the relevant personal details are shared with PostNL, PayPal, Mollie Payments and DHL International.
We will only use your personal details for the purposes mentioned above. Your details will never be shared in any other way. 
Automatic pop-ups may occur, for instance, the nearest PostNL pickup point. This will automatically be ignored in favor of the details you entered. 
The security of your personal details is very important to us. Unauthorized persons will therefore not have access to your personal details. 
How long do we store your details? 
We will store your details for as long as required to process your orders and possibly provide follow-up. If you would like us to delete your personal details, you can email us. 
Parties with whom we might share your details
There are some parties with whom we have to share your details in order to process your order. We have an agreement with these parties that your details are handled with care. These details will only be used in accordance with our instructions and not for own purposes. External parties will only receive the details relevant for them. 
It is possible that you encounter advertisements containing a link to another website on our own website. We have no control or responsibility over the contents and privacy protection of these websites.
Adjustments to our disclaimer & privacy policy 
It is possible that our privacy policy is updated. If this policy is adjusted, the changes will be published on this page.
Your personal details
All information collected by us is personal. That is why you have the following rights: 
• You may request access to and a copy of your personal details stored by us.
• You may request that we change or delete your personal details. In case of fraud, non-payment or other wrongful acts we can save personal details on a blacklist.
• You may file a complaint against the use of your personal details.
• You may submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you think we are using your details in an unlawful way. 
• You may always withdraw your permission to use your details. From that moment onwards we no longer will be allowed to use your details. This may result in us not being able to help you properly anymore. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about your privacy or our privacy policy.
Do you have a question about the guarantee of our jewelry?
Please visit our Warranty policy.
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